1.0  Why are you a singer in a band?  Someone has to be pretty.

2.0  What is your favorite Braam song? Kings I.

3.0  Is Youtube good for rock & roll? Yes.

4.0  When you do you like listening to music most? In my truck.

5.0  From where do you draw the inspiration for your lyrics? When I’m purchasing a two-liter plastic nasty bottle of Rhine wine off of Roosevelt road in singles.

6.0  You like to cook, is music food? No.

7.0  You also like to paint, is painting a different high than making music? I kind of realized that when I paint I’m like a little dictator to myself and my demons, yet when I write music with my brothers I act like a mouse just hoping for providence, now I am a rabid donkey! (Upon the release of their latest “Living Room”)

8.0  How would you describe the evolution of Braam’s music? Pacific Blue.

9.0  What is your favorite stage in Chicago? Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn because the local folks sit on the side of the stage drinking coffee and expect good music and they watch my fingers as I play my chords.  And there is a certain amount of respect that you give Fitzgeralds and you take home the same.

10.0  Is there such thing as a “ghost in the machine”? You would have to ask Trudy Styler Sting ~

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