Why are people more open to an artist’s music if they are exposed to it by a friend?  Everything needs to go through a filter. There’s just too much out there. That includes food, vacations and people

Where does music rank in importance in your life today? The making of music ranks..? Here’s the ranking in order; God, family, music, yeah probably third.

How did you choose the title “Furious World” for your show? Is it part of any philosophy on life?  I wrote a theme song for the show. It helped me to see it as a real thing. Make it more concrete. ‘Furious World’ were the first two words of the song. Fury in this case doesn’t mean anger (it doesn’t entirely preclude it either), it means a swirling unstoppable burst of energy. I don’t have that everyday, but when I do, it’s amazing.

Can you tell us about ‘Spinoza The Bear’?  That’s a teddy bear that’s used for rape victims, autistic people, and anyone who feels the need to hug a bear. I wrote nearly 20 songs for the bear when I was kid.

Do songs come to you or do you have to find them? Sometimes I look and other times they come floating down. You’ve got to get them any way you can.

Does one need a chip on their shoulder to persevere as an artist? No, being an artist means that you slowly lose that anger and that you eventually find the beauty in the world.

How can an artist of your caliber afford to have an un-tuned, rusty-stringed guitar off stage as a back-up?  Is that part of being Peter Himmelman?  I can’t remember having one. That would be like having a flat spare. In order to be “Peter Himmelman” you’ve got to be fastidious in your preparations.

You were nominated for a Grammy in 2008 for “My Green Kite”, did that have any impact on your mind-set?  It made me happy for about sixteen seconds. No impact whatsoever. Politics, politics.

Is there such thing as ‘mid-western rock & roll’? Yeah, why not?

Will mankind make it off Earth?  I think the real trip will be going quantum, deeper into the smallness. Yeah, it’ll all happen and soon. Things are moving at an exponential rate, aren’t they? ~

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