Interview with Dez & Mike of TWINRAY 

1) How long have the two of you been playing music together? Twelve years. We met playing in one of Chicago’s longest running theater shows but we didn’t start writing together until 2 years ago.

2) What led to the decision to formally become TWINRAY? We had a few days off together in the freezing cold month of February. We had just gotten home from the “Nobody Works in February” musician’s party and we started writing songs for fun. We liked what we came up with and thought it would be great to have a project together. It seemed logical because we were both touring separately and wanted to travel together.

3) How is “The Train You’re On” record coming along? It’s finally finished. We recorded it with the “awesome” Sean O’Keefe (credits include Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T’s, Fallout Boy and Hawthorne Heights) He was amazing to work with. Now you can buy our Cd’s on Itunes, Amazon, Zune, CD Baby, Napster, Myspace Music, several other online stores and of course our website (

4) Which tunes are you most excited about?
Desiree: “Crazy In My Mind”, “Do You Wanna Go”, “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “Twisted”. Mike: We love all off our children equally!!

5) You guys blend a lot of influences, how do folks categorize your music? We often ponder this. We have come up with describing ourselves as acoustic rock and genre bending. We try not to think about it but we’ve learned that we have to.

6) How does the writing process work for you two? Mike usually comes up with a riff or a groove.  I go through my journals and see if I have any lyrics I like, or ideas that match the vibe. Then I write the melody and the sections (verse, chorus, bridge). We come up with the chord progressions and the finishing touches together.

7.) What is your favorite thing about the Chicago’s Underground Wonder Bar? I love that all kinds of music is played there from people from all walks of life. It is the most supportive environment for artists. They are the only bar in the city that will pay you a set fee for your originals. Mike says “I really like the family vibe.”

8.) Do You Always perform as a duo? We have performed with a full band but we find it easier to play together. It’s easier to tour and cheaper!! We are thinking about doing do our Cd release party with a full band.

9) What advice would you give to budding young artists? Write write write and learn as many songs as possible. Study the art form and record yourself practicing. Go out and see live music. Talk to other musicians..and be adventurous and open. Stay focused. Oh, and Mike says “Don’t forget why you do what you do.”

10) Most couples have a ‘song’, what tune is ‘your song’ if any? ha ha…you probably won’t believe this but it’s “Luckenbach, Texas” by Waylon Jennings…and “Enter Sandman” by Metallica :)

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