1.0  What’s up at Pravda these days? Pravda is quietly extremely busy and kicking ass. We released 4 records last year and our licensing dept has placed our catalog in tons of tv shows, films, ads, video games, and anywhere else you can think of that uses music.
2.0  Has the labels content mirror your tastes or is their some driftin the stearing? Our content has always mirrored my taste or my label manager’s taste. First we look at what we like. Then we look at it to determine if it is a good business decision. We like tons of stuff that make no sense from a business point of view. Sometimes, though, we just say “screw it” Let’s release it anyway! We’ll make our money back in 5 years!”
3.0  What were the early influences that got you hooked? I got hooked on rock and roll by 6th grade. I was terrified of living a boring life, like lots of people around me in the suburbs, so I started buying Lps by everyone from Liberace to Lynnyrd Skynnrd to the beatles. I was creating my own rock and roll fantasy to alleviate boredom. Then I decided I needed to take action, so I started my own group called “STARFIRE”.
4.0  How does being a bass player relate to your personality? I’m not really a bass player. My character in New Duncan Imperials plays bass. I’m really a piano player, which means I’m not really into sports.
5.0  How would describe The Goldstars? We’re a very unpopular 60’s influenced garage band that rocks pretty hard. I play organ and it’s plain and simple fun. WE are lucky now to be Andre Williams backup band, so that enables us to tour Europe 3 times a year and also promote ourselves that way.
6.0  Whose idea was NDI? NDI came about in the back of the van on a long and destructive tour by The Service. We were endlessly driving around the country playing to 30 people, when we decided to become a 3 piece and I would play bass and we would write strange and stupid songs after drinking way too much. Then it caught on. So we decided to ride it out for 20 years.
7.0  Why is their so little humor in American rock music? Because lots of musicians take themselves too seriously and forget that they are in the “Entertainment Industry” but I think there is lots of humor in music these days. Whenever I listen to B96 with my daughter, I start cracking up uncontrollably!
8.0  Looking back some, did The Service have a “chance”? Not really. But it depends what you mean by “chance”. We had opportunities to tour and make some good records and learn about life. But generally we were too sloppy and strange for mainstream America.
9.0  Biggest disappointment seeing a band live? KC and the Sunshine Band. I was a huge fan in the 70’s and then he came to Chicago in the 90’s and played along with tapes and 2 chick singers. I’m like- “Where’s ther band?, Where’s the cool horn section?, Where’s the funky drummer?” People were throwing shit at him and then I left. I guess those were the cocaine years for KC.
10.0  Do drummers get a bad rap? They get a bad rap, but do pretty well with the ladies, so it all evens out.

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