How did Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings come together originally?

As a simple continuation of the band Willie & The Poor Boys I put together in 1985

What can fans look forward to on the UK tour starting October 17th?

New songs of the same variety as ever – blues, jazz, soul music, early R&B & Rock ‘n’ Roll, ballads – by a great team – & guest Mary Wilson (Supremes)   

It’s like you are on a life-long expedition into the heart of rhythm & blues, Bill Wyman Signature Metal Detector aside, are there similarities to treasure hunting when considering what material to play?

Yes, it’s like an archaeological dig into the roots of music & coming up with some forgotten gems…

What do you think has lead to the recent resurgence of interest in more traditional Americana roots music?

The lack of very few people writing decent songs anymore.

You helped define the stereo-type of the bass player as the unassuming one; how do you like being more up front now in your own band?

I’m not – I stand beside the drums – I only come to the front on a few necessary occasions.

 Dynamics have always been a hallmark of your playing, do you vary your amp or bass settings during a show?

Neither – I vary the pressure I play on the strings with my thumb.

You occasionally play with the bass vertical, is that subtle theatrics? a love of playing stand-up? a chance to rest and reposition your fingers?

Playing the bass vertical was because of my short reach – since I now played short-scale basses it has become mostly unnecessary.

What was so special about the amp you showed up with the day you auditioned for the Rolling Stones and do you recall what became of it? 

I showed up with 3 amps & a big bass cabinet with an 18” speaker – I gave the bass amp & speaker cabinet to my old band mates – who later became The Herd (Peter Frampton)

What players were you most influenced by early on in your career?

Duck Dunn – Willie Dixon – Duck Dunn – Duck Dunn – & Duck Dunn – my great mate.

What are your recollections of The London Howlin Wolf Sessions and did the experience have any impact on you as a player at the time?

Good to play with Eric Clapton & Hubert Sumlin & help to put a great album together for Wolf – a man that I became close to later.

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