1.0 – How did the recent recording session go for you guys?

The recent recording session is going super well. We’re in the studio with Andy Wambach up at Audio Impact Studios in Clearwater, Fl and he’s the most laid back engineer/producer we’ve worked with. Super awesome guy at everything he does. We’re almost done with everything this first session. Just gotta finish up vocals and bass then prepare for the next batch of songs we have. Things are lookin great.

2..0 – Will it be continuation of the direction on the debut The Wanderer EP or a new tack for the band?

A lot different from our last recored which is great – its definitely a new track. We’re kinda doin away with the rockabilly/country feel and goin for a darker, more raw, rock n roll sound. I feel its more us in a sense and being true to our music is number 1 on our list so we’re super excited to show everyone.

3.0 – How did the you come together? 

We got together from a disbanding of a previous project 3 of us were in. I was doing The Wanderer as a solo project on the side with my brother Chris Perez at drums and then Ricky Stephens and Ryan Kersey showed interest in making this a full time gig so we started playing shows together and it took off from there. It was kinda fate in a way because we’d all been friends for a while and in seperate projects and this band was what ultimately brought together and its stuck for a while.

4.0 – Putting you on the spot: what’s the best thing about being a ‘Wanderer’?

Haha…the best thing about being a Wanderer is definitely feeling a chemistry when we all get together and write music. There’s definitely an energy in the room when things click between us. Almost like a freight train haha. Once we start, there’s no stopping us. Ideas just flow.

5. Was there a guitarist that got you hooked initially on the idea of playing music?

Oh man! Most definitley. For me U2’s guitarist, The Edge, hooked me from a very young age. My guitar playing definitely takes heavy influence from him. Just his sound and the choices he makes not to stand out to much but more so fill out a song and really bring it the depth and atmosphere that U2 songs have really inspires me.

6.0 – When did you start writing? 

I started writing at a very young age. I think I was about 8 or 9 when I wrote my first song. I remember sitting in my moms bedroom with my brand new Fender Strat Squier that my dad bought me and I pumped this song out called “Graceland”. It was definitely a post-punk kinda song that I wrote after watching U2’s Rattle And Hum movie. It was named after Elvis’ home where they (U2) had visited and I remember pausing it and writing this song. It was cheesy as all get-out though haha.


It definitely depends. Usually it starts with either Ricky (our guitar player) or I comin up with a riff and just building from there. There have been times where it started with a title like “The Awakening” off of our last ep so it really depends on who brings what to the table first.

8.0 – When / how did you find out you could sing?

I wouldn’t call it singing really, just yelling really loudly in a melodic fashion haha. But the first time I remember being able to sing was when I was in first grade. My music teacher at the time heard me singing to some music video we were watching and she pulled me to the side and asked me to sing some lines from “The Little Drummer Boy” and next thing I knew, I was singing it in front of people at my schools Christmas play. So I guess you could say that was my first recollection of being able to sing.

9.0 – Do lyrics come easy to you or do they come together over time for a given song?  

Like with riffs, it depends. Lyrics usually come pretty easily to me but then again sometimes I find it hard but it always comes through in the end once I put all my ideas together and piece it out. I usually find myself writing lyrics first and fitting them in.

10.0 – You are sleep walking in a dreamscape and wander on stage in your pajamas to join what band on what encore? 

Oh man! That’s an easy one for me haha. I would wander on stage and join Bono and the rest of U2 for one of my favorite songs, “Love is Blindness”. Hands down. Now it’d be a little weird to be in my pajamas but, hey, I’ll get over it pretty quickly haha.

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