Cars_JimVallance“You find a flow …we don’t use a set list as I think song selection is a part of the flow of the night. this should make it possible to do a great set. it does not guarantee success, but places the onus on the band”  Dan Baird

“Melody is the key. Forget about your computers and phones and take a walk, ride a bike, get on a train or bus and look at things around you. Then let a soundtrack happen in your mind”  Dorian Taj

“I don’t remember ever deciding to play drums. I was always interested and drawn to the sound of them as far back as I can remember …My grandfather bought me a snare and bd at age 6 and every year added a drum – so I had a full set by the time I was 9 but it was a mutt of a set” Anton Fig

“Most of the video looked like hell but the audio sounded pretty good so we mixed the audio for a record and included the few decent looking videos for a bonus DVD …always play through two amps if you have room; one of them might not suck”  James McMurtry

Eric Ambel 1

“All projects and artists are different but if you are producing a band you have to see the band play live. You’ve got to. Most the time I’m either producing bands or singer songwriters …I really like to get a solo acoustic version of all the songs that are in the running for a record”  Eric Ambel

“Sometimes it’s a riff on guitar or a piano melody. Otherwise you get a lyric idea and then try to meld that into a song or melody. They are just different colors, and you need all of it to make a great painting so it matters little which comes first.  You’re going to need all of it if you want the song to sing on it’s own”  Michael McDermott

“Sometimes I look (for songs) and other times they come floating down. You’ve got to get them any way you can”  Peter Himmelman

“I create at a certain pace, that I’m not entirely comfortable sharing with too many people. I’m sure many would think that there’s something wrong with me if they saw how I work”  Jim Dinou

“Playing the bass vertical was because of my short reach – since I now play short-scale basses it has become mostly unnecessary”  Bill Wyman

“All my songs are about the same things disguised as different characters. Love in all its forms”  Nicholas Barron


“A good songwriter builds bridges of understanding between himself or herself and the audience. it might be emotional understanding, it might be intellectual understanding, but that’s the whole deal”  Adam Mitchell

“I said …“Man, I kinda want a “Chuck on Chess” thing for this one” …halfway through my sentence, Alex pulls out his wallet and lays half of it across his snare, and pulled out his keys and hung them on his ride and started playing”  JD McPherson

“My aunt said that I sang before I talked.  Maybe I did.  I don’t know but, I was always dreaming of show business, watching TV, listening and paying attention to songs and singers when I was a kid”  Webb Wilder

“I don’t write a song and think of who will play what. I just let it flow and then decide what works …I’ve always felt that a good song can be played just as readily on an acoustic guitar as it could be on a cello. Melody is (the) driving force”  Dusty Wright


“I don’t really meditate but before a show …I try to find a minute or two to close my eyes and focus my energy…really visualize how I want to play. It really works”  Matt Walker

“Funk was around and being played a long time before it was called funk, a recombinant of jazz and blues with an urban swagger, struttin’ and cuttin’ like a straight razor”  Sugar Blue

“Blues is not written on paper and isn’t technical music. Blues must be played with feeling and from the heart. If you concentrate too much on the technical, you can’t reach the public with feelings and emotion”  Magic Slim

“I have older songs that I love the tune of but I sing the words and I feel nothing.  I made it a rule to never match a good melody to meaningless words even If it takes years to pair the right ones up”  Mike Musikanto

“I was beginning my move towards the exit ramp when the wheel pried itself loose and came off. I kept control and steered us off to the shoulder, riding on three wheels and a howling axle. It was a crazy seven seconds or so of chaos and odd personal clarity”  Dag Juhlin

“I took piano lessons like every other kid of my generation …but it’s drums that taught me how to play music with feeling. Even now, when I play guitar, I play like a drummer”  Jim Vallance

“We start with capturing the performance through tube and ribbon microphones, which are mixed through Ampex MX-10 mic mixers, then the signal passes through a couple of Berlant preamp tube amplifiers and then onto 1/4 inch tape. We’re able to dump all this into the computer where we’re able to overdub and edit, process, etc.. The sound is incredible” Jimmy Sutton


“I got hooked on rock and roll by 6th grade. I was terrified of living a boring life so I started buying Lps …I was creating my own rock and roll fantasy to alleviate boredom”  Kenn Goodman

“You know, the way sounds move from one ear to another when you’ve got headphones on, and it’s two in the morning and you’re listening to a Jimi Hendrix record. It’s magical. To me, it’s just all about the love of sound and what it does to you”  Will PhalenRoadsideRobbie

“Mick (Jagger) was very nice and gave me packs of cigarettes (Marlboro Box) whenever I asked …I’m sure Jerry Hall, Mick’s wife at the time, was checking me out. Or maybe it was the drugs”  Greg Kihn

“I think of singles as anecdotes, albums as books, and EPs as short stories”  Brad Peterson

“The ‘record label’ that promised to put out the recording, if I would foot the bill for recording it, broke that promise after I’d finished the recording. I’m no longer a billionaire”  Jeff Lescher


“A music performance that features a drummer is never any better than the drummer, which has been proven true in my experience many times over (and at considerable cost)”  Robbie Fulks

“I am writing about my coming to terms with being lured by empty promises over and over because I’m attracted to the brightest star …the glittering objects”  Joy Askew

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