What are Fountains Of Wayne up to?

Finishing up a record that we’ve been working on for a long time.

Can you tell us anything about the new record?

In terms of the songs, it’s pretty diverse – hard to generalize. Sonically, maybe the whole thing’s a bit warmer  than the last couple.

How’s Stratosphere Sound doing?

Keeping busy…we just had Flood in producing Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, as well as some other cool album projects.

Any music inspiring you currently, new or otherwise?

I like the new Crowded House record a lot. Just got it.

Do you have a favorite bar in Chicago?

I mostly know the bars at the places we’ve played in, like Double Door. I’ve been taken to a lot of cool bars but I don’t always remember the names afterwards.

Do you ever write on bass?

Usually not, but I have once in a while. I tend to write on guitar or piano, or just in my head.

There’s a gun to your head; what is your favorite classic rock guitar solo of all time…okay top two then?

My Sharona. Do You Feel Like We Do.

Jets or Giants? Mets or Yankees?

Giants. Yankees. Although I don’t really care too much anymore to be honest.

Do you still have to have a ‘single’ for a record company to get behind a release?

I have no idea. I suppose you need one if you’re going for Top 40 radio. Not sure if it matters as much for most bands though.

How was your band in college? did you play any covers and, if so, can you name a few?

I played in a few cover bands in college – we did stuff like Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, Squeeze, Smithereens, Pretenders.

Does Stacey’s mom still have it going on?

I hope so, for our sake.


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